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New Website!

Dubinsky Law Office has been serving clients in all areas of the law for over 20 years and we are happy to now have a proper online presence. We hope that this website will help answer some questions you may have about Criminal Law matters or Real Estate Matters. We hope you take the time to go through our website and learn about us before making your decision about which law firm you choose to hire. The purpose of our website, in addition to finding some helpful information is that its one more way to make our firm accessible to you. If you have any questions for David Dubinsky or Johnny de Bakker, feel free to Contact us.


When my son was charged with careless driving, Mr. Dubinsky was able to negotiate a lesser charge for him so that he didn’t get any demerit points on his drivers license. I thought he was very professional throughout the whole process and we were very pleased with the outcome.


Working with Dubinsky Law office during such a difficult time really helped put me at ease. They were there for me throughout the entire court process. From getting me out of jail to having my charges thrown out, I was definitely satisfied with the service I was given and would use them again if I ever had to.